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We are all about safety
We come from a sector which safety is our main priority. Over 4 years of development we have now the most sophisticated and smallest AIS + DSC units for rescue and tracking at sea on the market. Cruise line industry, commercial fishermen and government agencies loves our products. Sailor around the world are impressed from the small size which fits in most of the inflatable lifevest.

Our Story

Life is always a challenge
“We started a few years ago...” with an idea to protect people from getting lost in the ocean after MOB or sinking boat or ship. AIS technology was new and we put all our brain and effort in a brand new systems called AIS MOB devices. After years of thinking, research and developing we are now one of the leading companies for AIS emergency units on the market.

Delivery & Returns

We ship with UPS and USPS in the STATES our products. Because our products are sensitive and ready for safe your life, we agree to have a return policy if the products does not fulfill your needs.

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FT-TEC USA Corp has an office in Miami for faster reaction time to our customer needs.
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